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Admissions Information

For families interested in attending Sunrise, an application for enrollment must be completed.  This form may be downloaded or picked up in the Sunrise Financial Office. After submitting an application along with the enrollment fee, the prospective student and his or her family will be interviewed and previous records reviewed before a final acceptance letter is given.  The enrollment fee is $100.00 before June 1st and $200.00 thereafter.  If for any reason your child is not selected for admission, the entire Enrollment Fee will be refunded to you.  If your child is selected but you choose not to attend, the fee becomes nonrefundable.

Requirements for enrollment include:


  • The Student Must Be in Good Standing His or Her Former School.
  • The Student Must Have a Passing Report Card from His/Her Last Completed Grade.
  • The Student Must Either Furnish a Standardized Test, Taken Within the Last Two Years; 
    OR He/She Will Be Required to Take Such a Test in Order to Determine Academic Placement.