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6th- 12th Grade Dress Code

Standardized Dress/Uniforms - 6th through 12th grade students will wear only the approved uniform items on a regular school day. Uniforms must meet the professional dress length and size standards. In addition, ankle length black, grey, maroon, or white leggings only may be worn under uniform skirts. Occasionally special jean days are allowed and encouraged as a way of raising money for missions or other special student projects. On these days a dress code must be followed. Jeans must not have holes, not be inappropriately tight nor sag below the waistline revealing undergarments. Assigned t-shirts, or other tops must be worn. Violations of standardized dress on any day will be treated as a discipline matter.

Sweatshirts/Hoodies/Coats- SCA jackets, hoodies, and pullovers will be allowed in the classroom and considered part of the standardized dress code. This includes extracurricular or curricular apparel that meets the following guidelines. These must be Sunrise Christian Academy vended items or items ordered through a school-sponsored activity which must include the name of the school, SCA, or the official school logo or crest and be the approved school colors of maroon, black, white, and/or gray/silver. Items that are made of any other colors are not considered part of the standardized dress code and cannot be worn on campus, even if they were purchased as Sunrise extracurricular or curricular apparel. Hoods must be removed from the head of the individual wearing the jacket when they enter the building. The administration reserves the right to refuse the wearing of any student’s apparel item they deem inappropriate or contrary to the intent of this policy. A uniform shirt must be worn underneath the approved Sunrise sweatshirts at all times. An approved winter coat will be sold in the SCA uniform store. If you do not choose to purchase a coat from the school store, we require that all coats be black or gray to bring a more professional look to our uniform attire. Unless the coat is bought in the uniform store, it must be removed in the classroom.

Professional Dress/Appearance- Occasionally students will be requested to dress professionally for events or activities. All students are expected to follow the following dress guidelines.

     Boys may wear regular dress pants (no denim) and a dress shirt with collar and           tie. Pants must not be baggy or have oversized legs or holes. Shirts are to be worn       tucked in.  

     Girls may wear a modest dress or skirt or dress pants with a blouse. 1) Skirts and dresses must be knee-length. Any slits in skirts must not be higher than knee length. Dress pants must not be form fitting.  2) Blouses must be long enough to tuck in even if they are not worn tucked in.  Modest dress tops with no collar are allowed. Tops must not show any cleavage or undergarments.  3) No sleeveless tops or dresses.  4) No writing/visuals on shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters. Small trademark logos such as those that appear on pockets are permitted.

Click this link to browse our uniform store online or to order new uniforms:

On-Campus Uniform Store- Sunrise also has a uniform store on campus that carries most items in stock as well as used uniforms at a discounted price.  Parents and students are welcome to come shop at our store for uniforms.

Please contact Natalie McElroy at with any uniform questions


General Appearance for Boys

1. No haircuts with designs cut into them or bowl cuts. Hair styles that draw unnecessary or unfavorable attention or hair coloring which is distracting or which calls undue attention to the individual will not be allowed. This includes coloring that does not look natural or is multicolored. Hair should be above the ears and off the collar.

2. Facial hair, including beards and sideburns, need to be neatly trimmed at all times.

3. No earrings or other body piercing. No tattoos (existing tattoos must be covered). No necklaces.


General Appearance for Girls

1. Legging type athletic pants and or sweatpants are NOT permitted under uniform skirts. See above.

2. Legging type jeans or pants are not permitted even on jean days.

3. In keeping with a professional appearance, reasonably sized earrings are permitted.

4. No body piercings or tattoos (existing tattoos must be covered) are allowed.

5. Hair coloring or haircuts which are distracting or which call undue attention to the Individual will not be allowed. This includes coloring that does not look natural.


Please help us by dressing your child in accordance with SCA standards!

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