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Christ Centered


 In educating our students, from youngest to oldest, our Bible-based curriculum provides daily emphasis on God in our lives. All students attend Chapel once a week, as well as utilizing Scripture in memory verses.  Our prayer is to mold, shape, and develop our students to have a deep desire to follow Christ.

Fine Arts Program

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At SCA, Fine Arts are of the utmost importance. We realize that developing the Fine Arts is important in molding and shaping our young children.  K-5th grade participate in vocal music with performances at each grade level. Instrumental Band and Orchestra are offered as electives in 4th and 5th grade. 

Physical Education


Physical Education is provided twice a week for K-5th grade.  PE provides opportunities for our students to develop large motor skills and lays the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Computer Class


Computer Class is provided twice a week for K-5th grade.   By providing technology education we are empowering our students to function successfully and with Godly wisdom in today's technology driven society. 

Library Time


Library time is provided for K-5th grade. Our library contains over 12,000 books and videos that have been evaluated to ensure our students are exposed to words and pictures that honor God.

Mandarin Chinese


K-2nd grade students attend Chinese class once a week. 3rd-5th grade students attend Chinese twice a week. These classes offer an opportunity for students to experience the foreign language instruction they will receive in Junior & Senior High.

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