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SCA Academic Philosophy

  All truth comes from God, and truth from God's Word provides the standard for right and wrong.  Discerning this truth is instrumental for all understanding since the Bible relates in Proverbs, "there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end is death."  All people need the truth of the gospel; therefore, every student must have the opportunity to respond to that truth.  Transformation is from God, and He uses teachers, mentors, and students in this process.  Quality education presents all information from that standard base of truth.

  Worldview is an issue of increasing importance in modern education.  Culture in America is no longer based on Christian standards but is based on pluralism and relativism.  Young people must be made aware of differing worldviews; they must be given the right questions to ask in order to pursue truth and seek wisdom and knowledge from the Lord.  A student must have as his central focus Christ and his finished work on the cross.  This is the only worldview that gives meaning and purpose to life, and it is the only worldview that perceives reality clearly.

  All people learn differently, having different temperaments and different capacities for acquiring knowledge and skills.  Learning needs to progress from basic information recall to synthesis and analysis of information.  Students must be directed through the learning process with a variety of techniques.  Developing skills based on knowledge requires practice in each area of learning.  Practice requires that a foundation of discipline has been established in earlier years.  When a student is taught how to learn at the lower levels, critical thinking skills will be developed early, and the student will be able to develop a broader base of knowledge.

  Knowledge and skills must not stand alone in a quality education, but must be directed toward an attitude of service.  Christian young people must be taught that God wants to use them as servants and has gifted them with the ability to learn.  Acquiring information, discipline, and skills are ultimately for the purpose of glorifying God.   The education process and development of minds and character should not be perceived as a temporal exercise, but is purposeful for time and eternity.

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