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Tuition Information

Tuition amounts listed are for Domestic and Non-Dorm Students only. Click below for International Student Tuition Rates. 

Tuition payments may be made in one of two ways:

1. If the entire tuition amount is paid in full by August 15th (before the school year starts), $300.00 per student will be discounted from the total.

2. If payments are preferred, families must enroll through FACTS.  FACTS is an electronic verification and payment system that streamlines the payment process, allowing tuition payments to be automatically deducted from the account of your choice. There is a yearly setup fee of $45.  Payment plan selection will be accessible through the FACTS Family Portal where you will complete the enrollment process for your students.

The total tuition may be divided into:

  • 24 equal payments due bi-weekly, beginning June 1st

  • 12 equal payments due monthly, beginning June 15th

  • 10 equal payments due monthly, beginning August 15th

  • 2 equal payments due by August 15th and January 15th

*** If a student drops out, or has to leave Sunrise Christian Academy for any reason, including a move, they forfeit all rights to and benefits of, any and all scholarships. Any scholarship amounts previously applied to the student's account, must be repaid to the school in full. Leaving during the year does not qualify the student for a refund of registration, book, or activity fees. When leaving the school part way through the year, a family will be required to pay all tuition due through the quarter in which their student(s) were enrolled. Families moving more than 50 miles outside the area may apply for a proration of tuition; however, registration, book, and activity fee payments will not be prorated, or refunded, under any circumstances.

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