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Missions at Sunrise

Milk & Honey Ministries is the "Missions" outreach here at SCA. 

One of our core values at Sunrise is SERVICE and we feel that supporting Gospel efforts around the world is an invaluable part of a good education. We pick these projects on an individual basis.  Some are run by alumni and some are known through teachers or families here at the school.  Sunrise families are urged to pray for these missionary efforts and can voluntarily donate as opportunities are presented. 

We currently have projects in Burma, Brazil, Guatemala, Lebanon and India.

(No funds from Sunrise tuition are used to fund these missions projects.)

Photo above: Students from STEP Centre for Academics in Burma. This is a Christian school founded by Dr. Lindsted's daughter Pam and her husband Zama.  They now enroll over 450 students who get to hear the gospel daily!

Zama, Pam, Zak and Kyron

Our high school business class presents a check to Dr. Lindsted for a Christian school in Lebanon run by one of our alumni (Jill Smith Daghfal and her husband).  The business class raised $3,000 in 3 weeks!

About Milk and Honey Ministries 

  Dr. Rob Lindsted is the Superintendent of Sunrise Christian Academy and the founder of Milk & Honey Ministries.  One of his greatest concerns in the last thirty years has been to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to countries with an open door. He took his first trip to the former Soviet Union in 1991 with 37 other Christians.  His heart was stirred as he saw the conditions of the country and the people’s spiritual hunger for God’s Word and thus “Milk & Honey Ministries” was formed.  Over 5,000,000 Bibles, Gospels of John, and other tracts were handed out to the Russian people.  In 1993, Milk & Honey Ministries expanded its ministry by taking the Word of God into Communist China.  In March of that year, a small group, including Dr. Lindsted, hand carried 770 lbs. of literature into China. The work eventually expanded to include Emmaus Bible Courses, which was a great way to disciple the new believers.

  In recent years, the ministry has taken another step by helping to start or support existing International Christian Schools.  These schools use the Bible as their main textbook, and are an excellent way to spread the Gospel.  Two of these schools are mentioned above. 


  Our most current endeavor is a new Social Media Bible Teaching site, "Bible Truth in Prophecy."   You can watch Dr. Lindsted's current messages on Bible Prophecy both on Facebook (CLICK HERE) and YouTube (CLICK HERE).   We also have an ETSY store where we sell items from Israel to support the missions projects.  These can all be reached through the website:  


To send a tax deductible donation to Milk and Honey Ministries, please send a check to:

Milk & Honey Ministries

5500 E 45th St. N.

Bel Aire, KS 67220

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