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K-5th Grade Dress Code

K- 5th Grade Dress Code

Because we seek to honor God, Sunrise expects neat, clean and modest apparel.  Hats or clothing with wording that is not consistent with the standards of SCA should not be worn. 

  1. No shorts or skorts.

  2. No sleeveless tops, tank tops or midriff shirts.

  3. Modest (not tight) mid-calf to ankle Capri pants can be worn. 

  4. Skirts and dresses must be to the middle of the knee. Leggings that reach the ankle, tights or tight fitting pants may be worn under skirts and dresses that meet SCA standards. Please - no tight fitting pants or jeggings are to be worn with t-shirts or blouses. Modesty is the key!

  5. Sweatpants, wind pants and jeans may be worn if they are neat and in good condition.

  6. No haircuts with designs cut into them or bowl cuts. Boys hair should be above the ears and off the collar.

  7. No necklaces or earrings for boys.

  8. No tattoos for boys and girls. 












Please help us by dressing your child in accordance with SCA standards!

Thank you!

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