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Board of Governance

Sunrise Christian Academy is a not-for profit corporation with a Board of Directors that directs the operation of the school through a Superintendent. The SCA School Board is self perpetuating, with the school board selecting new candidates as the need arises.  Currently, there is not a limit on how long a person may serve on the school board. In the event of a vote, a majority will constitute a quorum.

The Board of Governance shall:

  • Preside over the general charge of affairs, property, and assets of Sunrise Christian Schools

  • Consist of at least four members

  • Meet bi-monthly

  • Hold an annual meeting the second Monday of September to elect directors and officers and take care of general business

  • Appoint advisers as needed

Meet our Board Members


Dr. Caleb Bowers

Board President



Mrs. Sarah Cheatum

Board Member


Mr. Gary Smith

Board Member


Mrs. Olivia Stevenson

Board Vice-President



Dr. Tracy Klein

Board Member

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