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Sunrise is accredited through ACSI, and our teachers are required to hold an active ACSI certification. 
Questions? Contact ACSI Coordinator, Olivia Stevenson (

Initial Certification:  

  New Teachers are given a one year grace period to become ACSI Certified.  For example, if you started teaching in August 2022, you are expected to hold an active ACSI certification by August 2023.  If you apply within the first year, SCA will cover the $75 application fee (contact Mindee Henry for credit card info for application).  If a teacher does not apply for certification within their first year, the teacher is required to cover the $75 application fee. 

  • What documents do I need to get certified? An official copy of your college transcripts stating a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

    • Official College Transcripts can be emailed (preferred method) to or mailed to ACSI Attn: Certification, PO Box 62249,Colorado Springs, CO 80962.

  • How do I apply? Go to and login to your account. Through your ACSI VPP (Virtual Professional Portfolio), you can access ACSI's certification applications, and track your CEUs. 

Renewal Certification: 

  Once you are issued an ACSI certificate, the certificate will tell you the "Expiration Date" and the "Requirements for Renewal".   It is the teacher's responsibility to maintain an active certificate and to not let it lapse.  As long as you renew before the expired date, Sunrise will pay the $75 renewal fee.  If outside of the expired date, thteacher is required to cover the renewal fee.  If you have questions or need to verify your renewal requirements you can contact

  • How do I renew my ACSI certificate?  Go to and login to your accounts.  Through your ACSI VPP (Virtual Professional Portfolio), you can access ACSI's certification applications, past certifications, and track your CEU's.

  • How do I complete my Christian Philosophy of Education? 

    • View the Christian Phil. of Ed. Checklist 

    • Sunrise has purchased the DVD's and books necessary for teachers to complete each section of the Christian Philosophy of Education.  The books and DVD's are in Robin Westerfield's office and are available to be checked out.  

      • The following are what Sunrise has purchased:

        • Philosophy of Christian Education by Dr. Derek Keenan (DVD)

        • By Design: Developing a Philosophy of Education Informed by a Christian Worldview by Dr. Martha MacCullough

        • Philosophy & Education: An Introduction in Christian Perspective by George Knight

        • Teaching Redemptively by Donovan Graham

        • Your Christian School: A Culture of Grace? by Paul David Tripp (DVD)

        • Virtuous Minds by Philip Dow

        • Truth Weaving: Biblical Integration for God's Glory and Their Abundant Living by D.P. Johnson

  • Go to ACSI's website to read more about Renewal Applications:

RightNow Media: 

  RightNow Media is a great resource for teachers to watch and earn the Continuing Education Units (CEU's) needed for ACSI Certification.  RightNow Media and ACSI have partnered together to create a "Teacher Professional Development" section where you can watch ACSI approved Bible and Educational videos .

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