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Peggy O'Donnell

Precept Director 

​  Peggy O'Donnell began teaching full time at Sunrise in the fall of 1996.  Currently, she is the Director of Precept Christian School, which is a tutorial program for grades 6-12 that offers one on one instruction in an alternative learning environment.  Mrs. O'Donnell also teaches Government, Girls Bible, and Debate/Forensics and coaches Debate/Forensics, Model UN, Mock Trial and LifeSmarts. She helped organize the National Honor Society at SCA in the spring of 2006 and served as the advisor until the spring of 2021. 

Mrs. O'Donnell with her LifeSmarts class in Washington, DC.

​  Mrs. O' Donnell says "As I teach Girls Bible, my desire is to see the girls develop a closer relationship to the Lord.   We study the life of Moses and also steps to remaining pure.  The girls journal and learn about how special God created them.   We even take a "test" to see specific personalities (from Dobson) and how God wants to use us as we yield to Him.   The girls bring "home made" items on verse day and each year we make an 8th grade cookbook!"

  Government is also a passion for Mrs. O'Donnell.  She decided to run for the Bel Aire City Council in the spring of 2005 and served three terms on the Bel Aire City Council from 2005-2017.  The students participate in a "Mock Council" each year, as well as a "Mock Trial."   Her class takes a trip to Topeka each spring and also a trip to the courthouse.  As her class studies Government and Civics her prayer is that "the students will see how God is directly leading our nation (Romans 13) and the importance of a righteous nation.  Students study the road to a republic, founding father's and their faith, and the Constitution, including all 27 Amendments.   Students also learn the importance of "one vote" and how they can be involved!"

  She was married to the late, Dr. Michael O'Donnell, Sr. Pastor at Grace Baptist Church. Her three children are all graduates of Sunrise:

                          Stephanie (Andrew) Albritton - class of 2000
                          Michael O'Donnell, II - class of 2003
                          Tyler (Katie) O'Donnell - class of 2007


  • Associate in Business Administration, Baptist Bible College

  • Bachelor of Christian Education, Calvary Baptist Bible College

  • Master of Religious Education, Calvary Baptist Bible College

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